Best Andrologist – Male Infertility Treatments Chennai

Best Andrologist – Male Infertility Treatments Chennai

Andrology treatments with Dr.Arun Muthuvel

Male Infertility Treatments for 

Andrology Procedures:

  • TESE
  • TESA
  • MESA
  • PESA
  • Micro-TESE
  • Semen Analysis
  • Varicocele

Top Reasons Why You Should Visit Male Infertility Specialist

Why visit the doctors office

It is important to visit a male infertility specialist whenver you suspect that you are having erectile dysfunction problems, sperm count complications, or just any infertility related issues. A reliable Andrologist will help you deal with the problem from the word go and within a short period of time. The fact is that reputable doctors are highly trainned and experienced and will definitely offer better solutions to your problem. There are several tests that will be done on you prior to comemncement of treatment in order to get to the root-cause of the problem. A followup will be made to ensure that you remain healthy, and are responding positively to tratment. In case of any problems arising from the treatment method used, there will be change of medication used.

Related Problems and treatment

The best Andrologist in Chennai will be able to offer treatment for not one or two problems, but many of male infertility problems that arise due to different issues. You can get treatment for Azoospermia, Oligozoospermia – low sperm count treatment in chennai , Teratozoospermia, and also, Asthenozoospermia at affordable rates. Some of the test that you can expect done by the specialist include; semen analysis, TESE, Micro-TESE, MESA, PESA,and of course, TESA tests. If need be, a comprehensive varicocele test will be done. In a nut shell, nothing is left to chance when it comes to getting to the root cause of issues relating to infertility. Overall, the doctor will determine the test that need to be done on you in order to evaluate the situation and determine the medication that will be used. Here is an overview of some of the tests that are done;


TESE is an acronym that stands for testacular sperm extraction and is a process that entails removal of small portions of tissues from the testacles. In the process, the sperms from the very tissue are taken for further tests. The method is aimed at getting a solution for those persons who have issues with sperm especially low number or no sperm count during ejaculation process. This is more often caused by azoospermia and other related infertility issues that men suffer.


This acronym stands for Percutaneous Epididymal Sperm-Aspiration and is done only one one side of the testis for safety purposes. It is best used in situations where there is an obstruction of sperms caused by several factors such as vasectomy. During the procedure, local aneasthesia is used to reduce pain or irritant effects on scrotum and testis. In order for the process to be succesful, motile sperm must be found. This is for the sole reason to make the whole process a success especialy just before oocyte collection.

Last word 

It is essential to note that each specific test is meant to get specific solutions for infetility probelems. Although the procedure relatively vary, there is always one single objective. At the end of the day, with proper treatment and care, you will always have the best of solutions. You do not need to worry anymore about infertility related issue because you will always have the best andrologist to solve your problem.

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