Blastocyst Transfer & Embryo Culture IVF Chennai, India

Blastocyst Transfer & Embryo culture IVF Chennai India.

What is a blastocyst?

A blastocyst is generally an embryo that has developed for a period ranging between five to seven days after fertilisation. It further has two dissimilar cell types with a fluid-filled cavity at the centre (blastocell cavity). Since the cells here have just started to differentiate you might not determine what will become what. However, the cells surrounding the cavity later develop into the placenta and inner cell mass becomes the foetus.

Development of blastocysts.

Blastocysts usually form on the fifth day after fluid build-up. Healthy blastocysts at most time commence hatching from the outer cell around day five today seven once fertilisation has taken place. After IVF or natural pregnancy it takes twenty four hours for embryo implantation to take place after the hatching is complete. What follows if the blastocyst releasing the HGG hormone (commonly known as the pregnancy test hormone) which leaks into the mother’s blood during embryo implantation.

Blastocysts formation efficiency.

IVF and embryo culture mainly aim at providing high quality embryos that are able to develop relentlessly and result in more live births. Nonetheless, not all human embryos progress to blastocyst stage after the stipulated five days under standard IVF procedures. This is majorly caused by two things which are: less than ideal culture environment in the lab dish and inherent weakness within the embryos. Therefore it is advisable to transfer the embryos to the womb after more than two days to avoid transferring the naturally weak embryos.

Advantages of blastocyst transfer for IVF.

IVF maximises on all possible conditions. For instance, embryo transfer at day five seizes the opportune moment for attachment to the uterine wall. With the transfer being done shortly before the processes start taking place, there are higher chances of survival. The whole process is also speeded up in one way or the other.

By use of this program you stand to bag in one more benefit. The whole process reduces the possibility of multiple pregnancies. By culturing embryos to day five, you have unwittingly weeded out the weak embryos. As such, competition is well defined and you can even introduce one embryo which you are sure will survive till delivery. As said earlier, you will have evaded the possibility of multiple pregnancies. This is just but to mention a few of the numerous benefits you stand to gain from employing IVF blastocyst transfer techniques available and at your service in most clinics.

Disadvantages of blastocyst transfer.

Where the culture environment does not meet the laid down requirements, there could be serious implications. The embryo development as well as the embryonic arrest could be delayed just to mention but a few of the possible problems to be encountered. When it comes to fees, some clinic will charge more for the five day period. This leaves you with no other option other than do the transfer at an earlier date. This eventually compromises quality and that is the last thing anyone wants.

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