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Cancer Cervix Causes, Signs and Symptoms, and Treatment

Cancer cervix

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Importance of visiting a gynecologist

There are many types of cancers that affect women of all age groups and one of the most prevalent include cervical cancer. It is of utmost importance that you understand the main causes of cervical cancer, signs and symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment in order for you to have an understanding of the disease. It is equally important to visit an experienced medical gynecologist in case you see any of the signs and symptoms of this cancerous disease. It goes without saying that you can curb the disease while in early stages before it spreads. You are also highly advised not to compromise the medical service you receive in case you have been diagnosed on cervical cancer. It is for this reason why the doctor must evaluate your condition, do some serious clinical tests, and finally recommend treatment.

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Development of the cervical cancer 

It is important to note that cervical cancer develops slowly before it blows out of control within a woman’s body. In most cases, it start with a dysplasia, which can be treated without any complications. Remember, pap smears are integral part of treating this condition. In fact, the history of many women who have not had pap smears over years have been diagnosed of cervical cancer. Medical research also indicates that some of the strains of this cancer cases are caused by HPV (human-pailoma-virus). The other causes include but not limited to; having multiple partners who are involved in risky sexual behavior, and weak body immunity. This cancer can also be caused by a combination of the above mentioned factors. Notwithstanding, engaging in sex during puberty and early adult life.

Signs and Symptoms

The most prevalent signs and symptoms of cervical cancer are vaginal bleeding that happens between regular periods, continuous vagina discharge, and heavy period that last longer than regular periods. The other signs and symptoms related to this type of cancer include; abnormal back pain, fatigue, pelvic pain, and loss of appetite. There are some patients who will lose mass and weight, while others will experience leg pain. It is essential to note some patients will only depict a few of the mentioned signs and symptoms while others will experience almost all. In a nut shell, not all patients will experience the same signs. Therefore, if you realize any one of the above mentioned signs and symptoms you must visit a medical professional as soon as possible.

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Medical tests 

A qualified doctor will always undertake several medical tests before recommending any treatment method. The medic will evaluate your condition, look at your medical history, and then based on the test reports will commence treatment. In this way, you are always guaranteed of positive results within a short period of time. Pap screen are a good way to start the tests, but not always a definite method that dictates treatment method. The other tests that are always carried are colposcopy and cone biopsy, which can only be done by use of hi-tech equipment that give clear results. The doctor might also decide to do several CT scans, Chest X-rays, as well as cystoscopy. This is to determine the extent of the cervical cancer and to ensure that the methods used in treatment will have the much needed positive effect.

 Why specific treatment techniques

The treatment methods will vary from one patient to the other based on variable factors including age, extent of cancer, and stage of cancer. The doctor might decide to undertake a surgery, use radical hysterectomy, or decide to go for laser therapy. It is important to note that these treatment methods relatively vary in way the treat cancer. Nevertheless, when correctly used based on variable factors the patient will heal in good time. As a word of advice, you should always contact medical experts who have prior experience.

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