Colposcopy Chennai – Cervical Cancer Screening

Colposcopy Chennai – Cervical Cancer Screening.

Cervical cancer screening

Tests for cervical cancer screening


A brief overview on cervical cancer screening.

Colposcopy involves your doctor using a special magnifying apparatus to check your vagina, vulva and cervix for any anomalies. If a problem is note, a small tissue from the inside of the cervix is taken for further assessment under a microscope. Colposcopy is only commenced after the Pap test results prove abnormal. The device used to look at the vagina, vulva and cervix is called colposcope and a little of bit of vinegar or iodine could be applied on the vagina for a better view of the infected surfaces.

Preparing yourself for a successful colposcopy.

Before commencing anything, there are a few things that you need to let your doctor know. Firstly, inform your doctor if you are pregnant, however, blood and urine tests are still taken and that may help determine if you are pregnant or not. You should also inform the doctor if you are under any medication, allergic to any medicines, have bleeding problems and if you have been treated at an earlier date for cervical or pelvic infections.

Sexual abstinence for at least 24hrs before the colposcopy is conducted.

The next thing that you need to know is that you should refrain from sexual intercourse for a period not less than 24hrs before a colposcopy. During the same period, you should insert anything in your vagina. This includes, tampons, douches as well as vaginal medicines. Your bladder should also be emptied just before colposcopy.

Taking a pain reliever in advance is advised. It helps reduce pain caused from cramps gotten from the colposcopy. You should also schedule your colposcopy session for when you are not experiencing your periods. Bleeding could it make it quite hard for the doctor to see anything. Therefore colposcopy should come on the early days of your menstrual cycle i.e. eight to twelve days after the beginning of your last period.

As soon as you get to the examination room, you will be required to go through terms and conditions and sign as a symbol of understanding the risks involved and consenting the process to begin. Feel free to engage your doctor on any concerns that you might have at this point.

The fundamentals of a successful colposcopy.

As soon as you have signed the consent form, gynaecologist, family physician or nurse trained to do this kind of screening will take you through the rest. You will be expected to take off your clothes below the waist and a cover will be provided for you around your waist. Thereafter, you are required to lie on your back on the examination table with your feet raised. The doctor then inserts a lubricated tool called a speculum. This tools gently spreads the vaginal walls to leave enough space where the doctor can have a clearer view of everything.

The next step calls for the colposcope which is brought to the opening of your vagina. At this point, photographs and videos of your vagina, vulva and cervix may be taken. Like mentioned earlier, if any abnormalities are discovered, several samples are taken and this may be referred for further examination to a pathologist.