Dilation and Curettage ( D & C ) Chennai

Dilation and Curettage ( D & C ) Chennai

What You Need To Know About Dilation And CurettageĀ 

Indications for Dilation & Curettage

Patient Instructions before the procedure



Important factors to noteĀ 

There are several important factors that you need to understand when it comes to dilation and curettage procedures in order to make right decisions. As a woman, you need to know what the procedure really entails from the word go, the main benefits associated with the procedure, and some of the most important things that are put into consideration before any decisions are made. In this way, you will also be well placed to know the best facilities to visit and also experts whom you can consult before and after procedure. You are advised never to compromise on your health no matter the conditions you are in. Overall, the procedure is not harmful to your health when it is undertaken by a qualified medical expert with years of experience.


What conditions lead to dilation and curettage


There are several conditions that can lead to a person undertaking dilation and curettage procedure in a well equipped facility. This procedure is meant to heal or clear certain conditions in the body and some of these include; heavy bleeding, clearing uterine lining, as well as trying to treat health conditions that affect or destroy the uterine lining. In other words, the procedure is used in treatment of fibroid, endometriosis, and other related diseases which such as uterine cancer. It is also essential for you to understand that dilation and curettage procedures are used in treatment of hormonal imbalance that can sometime cause health complication in uterine lining.

Tests and procedures

The best thing is that a qualified medical doctor will take time to evaluate your condition before recommending any solution for your particular problem. It is important to note that that before commencement of the procedure, your doctor will ask several questions. He/she will want to know whether you are pregnant, if you are using any medication, whether you have had a miscarriage before and how many within a specified period. And of course, the doctor will do some test to determine whether you are allergic to any medicine. The doctor will ask whether you have a history of bleeding and what you have done to prevent the situation. These are some the most important questions asked in order to make the process a success. In fact, they determine the type of anesthesia that will be used during the procedure.

The duration of treatment

It is equally important to know that the procedure can take an average of 15 minutes and does not involve the use of stitches. However, an antiseptic solution is used during the process to help eliminate any pathogenic elements in the body. In almost all the cases, the process is undertaken while the patient is lieing on her back. This position helps the doctor reach the uterus lining without any complications. If you have back related issues, then special attention will be given to how the procedure can be undertaken without compromising your health.

Important note

The equipment used in the procedures are designed in such a way that you will not have any problem. Importantly, standard speculum and clamp used in process guarantee your safety. These instruments are articulately designed to offer high functionality rate. It is with the help of a professional that you have your problem treated within a short time and not have severe side effects after the procedure. Always consult with the experts as soon you suspect ant womb uterus issues.

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