Donor Sperm IUI IVF Treatments Chennai

Donor Sperm IUI / IVF Treatments Chennai.

An overview on donor sperm IUI / IVF treatments.

Intrauterine insemination (IUI) is also known as artificial insemination. Where one is diagnosed with infertility, this is highly recommended. However, where you have undergone more than three successful IUIs more complex IVF treatment is highly recommended. Other things that warrant the use of this method are: unexplained fertility diagnosis, hostile cervical mucus, insignificant sperm anomalies and other male partner disorders. It is also usable where sperm has been frozen when a husband is no longer present or in advance of chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

The nitty-gritties of intrauterine insemination.

Intrauterine insemination (IUI) basically involves inserting male partner or donor sperm through the neck of the cervix and into the uterus. This is done close to the time of ovulation. The procedure can be performed by any medical officer including nurses. It is also not painful at all. Nonetheless, in rare cases you might feel insignificant cramping or discomfort. This cannot exceed a few hours after the process. Therefore, you will be able to go back to work or normal daily routine as soon as you have undergone the artificial insemination process. Though better results are achieved where the process has been conducted during natural cycles, artificial hormone stimulation has been seen to help achieve equivalent results to those of its natural counterpart.

Donation of sperms from willing male donors.

As indicated earlier, at times the patient has to be inseminated with sperm from another individual other than those of her partner. Such cases come into play when the male partner has problems with sperm quality. A good example is where the male partner is afraid that his sperm might pass on some genetic conditions. It can also work well for those men with low sperm count. In modern day, where relationships have been revolutionised, this kind of process can help same sex couples. The same can also be used to help single mother that wish to have babies.

Costs incurred in the sperm donation process.

If interested in this kind of procedure, you should be willing to do away with more than $1000. This is regards to the fact that the donor has to receive some kind of remuneration. The rest of the money goes into payment for the hospital bill forwarded after a successful implant. Remember, the better the sperm, the higher the pay. When talking about sperm quality, it is all about those women that specify the kind of man they would want to donate a sperm. The more sophisticated the requirement are, the higher the fee will be.

Conclusion in regards to the benefits and disadvantages of sperm donations.

Once your doctor recommends this kind of treatment and you have found a reliable donor and have agreed on price, it is time to take the next step. With the help of a doctor, undertake in proper sperm removal ad storage. Later on you will then have the semen introduced into your cervix through to the uterus during your normal cycle. Remember this can be done by almost anyone in a hospital but the higher the ranking the better the understanding of these matters. In the long run, if you go for an experienced individual the less painful the process and the better the results.

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