Egg (Oocyte) Freezing – Egg Bank Chennai India

Egg (Oocyte) Freezing – Egg Bank Chennai – Fertility Preservation India

Egg (oocyte) Freezing-Egg Bank Chennai India.

Brief introduction on the basics of egg-freezing.

Also referred to as cypropreservation, this is the process in which a woman’s eggs (oocytes) are extracted, frozen and stored. At a later date, when you are ready to become pregnant, they are DE frozen, fertilised and transferred to the womb as embryos. During the storage period, the frozen oocytes are kept frozen egg banks.

Categories of women seriously in need of cypropreservation.

This process is here to help you if you fall in any of the listed categories of women: those diagnosed with cancer but have not yet begun chemotherapy and radiotherapy, those undergoing treatment with aided reproductive technologies and do not like embryo freezing and those who would like to preserve their future ability of having children.

In an age where cancer has become the talk of the day, you might find yourself infected. Since chemotherapy and radiotherapy are toxic and can harm oocytes, you might want to try the egg-freezing technique. These assures the possible delivery of children in the future. If you do not take such precautionary measures, you might not be able to have children at later date for the process used to cure cancer listed above leave oocytes very weak if any is left at all.

Women with lesser need for cypropreservation.

Due to religious or other reasons, some women undergoing IVF oppose the freezing of embryos. As such, the most viable solution left for them is cypropreservation. This provides a solution in that, many eggs are extracted and those remaining after the procedure can be frozen. Embryos are not also produced in excess hence no need to freeze or dispose any of them after the whole process.

Lastly, women who choose to postpone childbearing find cypropreservation quite useful. Most of them have varied reasons which range from, education, careers or any other things that they are involved in and are time consuming. Freezing eggs at an early age guards the future of such women when it comes to child bearing. Some other women with a history of early menopause fall under this category. In case they can no longer produce eggs at an age earlier than anticipated, such women can use the eggs they had previously stored in some egg bank.

A detailed explanation on cypropreservation process.

Cypropreservation oocyte extraction procedures near those of in vitro fertilisation (IVF). To start with, hormone injections are administered for several weeks so as to stimulate ovaries to ripen many eggs. As soon as the eggs are mature, final maturation induction takes place. The eggs are then extracted from the body through trans-vaginal oocyte retrieval. At this point, sedation is a must and as soon as retrieval is over the eggs are frozen straightaway. Since the egg contains a lot of water, when frozen ice crystals that form can destroy its integrity. To avoid this, the egg should be dehydrated just before freezing. Oocytes are frozen either through controlled rate, slow-cooling processes or virtrification which is flash-freezing process. Though vitrification is faster, it requires more amounts of cryprotectants which are the substances used to replace water found in the egg as well as inhibition of ice crystals.

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