Fibroids Treatment – Myomectomy Surgery in Chennai

Fibroids Treatment – Myomectomy Surgery in Chennai.

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Myomectomy refers to the surgery that aims at removing fibroids. It aids in positioning the uterus and heightens the chances of ovulation in some women. To this end, physicians normally recommend the surgery for a woman who wants to conceive, however, though chances increase after a Myomectomy, it is not a guarantee for conception. In case you have a fibroid hemorrhage, a certain therapy is required as to alleviate the anemic conditions prior to the surgery as it curbs uterine bleeding.

Types of Myomectomy as a way of treating fibroids.

Myomectomy is carried out through various methods, viz. Hysteroscopy, laparoscopy and laparotomy. Hysteroscopy entails insertion of an illuminated small camera via the vagina to the uterus to detect defects. Laparoscopy is similar to hysteroscopy but small incisions are made in the abdominal lining. Laparotomy requires a bigger cut in the abdomen.

The size, extent and location of the fibroids determines the appropriate process, hysteroscopy for instance is apt for fibroids embedded on the interior uterine wall. Laparoscopy is used where there are fibroids up to 2” that are sprouting on the outside of the uterine lining. Laparotomy is recommended where there are bigger fibroids, numerous or they have penetrated in the uterine wall deeply.

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Importance of Myomectomy as compared to other methods of fibroids treatment.

Myomectomy is undertaken to preserve the uterine tissues and treating fibroids. It is recommendable if you are suffering from anemia that is not treatable through regular medications. It also addresses pain and stress that is not reversed by medicine. Similarly, if you have an embedded fibroid that has altered the uterine wall; Myomectomy is done prior to vitro-fertilization as to boost the chances of conception. If properly done, Myomectomy also diminishes pain in the pelvis and curbs hemorrhage from fibroids.

Probabilities of getting pregnant after undergoing a myomectomy.

Undergoing Myomectomy for fibroid treatment is highly appropriate to increase the chances of pregnancy. It is proved to aid in treating a fibroid condition known as submucosal fibroid though it may not improve conception chances with all types of fibroids. Notably, following a Myomectomy, cesarean sections are required for delivery depending on the size of the surgical incision.

Probability of fibroids reappearing after a successful myomectomy.

Fibroids reappear after surgical procedures in different patients, most of the recurrence relates to the nature of the antecedent fibroids. In case you had large or manifold fibroids, the chances of recurrence are increased greatly. Your physician should assess the extent of the fibroids and predict if they are likely to recur.

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How to undergo a successful Myomectomy Surgery

If you want to undergo a Myomectomy to raise the chances of having a baby, it is imperative you hire qualified and specialist physician. Due to the complications and risks involved in the surgery, choosing a competent and reputable medical practitioner is part of your homework. A good surgeon will be easily accessible online or through telephone contact, with previous records on Myomectomy and good reviews. You should also ensure you have adequate time for consultation, examination and diagnosis before the surgery may be embarked on. This is necessary as to resort to Myomectomy where it is the only alternative as there may be other methods of improving conception chances.

Consult gynecologist in chennai offering reasonable prices, Dr Arun Muthuvel.

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