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High risk pregnancy (specialist) obstetrician.

Short overview on basics of high-risk pregnancies.

Most babies are delivered through what would be commonly referred to as a normal process. Is there an abnormal process after all? Though we might not refer to them as abnormal pregnancies, there are high-risk pregnancies that pose potential health threats for the mother and the child in equal measure.

Reasons behind a pregnancy being labelled high-risk.

Maternal age: the age of the mother highly influences whether it will be a high risk pregnancy or not. In view of the same, women above thirty five years and those below seventeen years risk being in the category of high-risk pregnant mothers. This risk further escalates for those women that get pregnant past the age of forty.

Past and present medical conditions: a mother that has suffered from conditions such as high blood pressure, breathing problems as well as kidney or heart problems risks experiencing complications during pregnancy. Other conditions include a history in miscarriage problems as well as sexually transmitted diseases including HIV which may pose a great threat for the baby as well. As such, you have a medical condition, it is important that you inform your specialist beforehand. Where possible, this should be done way before you decide to even become pregnant.

What have been discussed previously are pre-pregnancy conditions. This part seeks to shine a light on the conditions experienced during the pregnancy. The first is preeclampsia which is a condition that includes high blood pressure, urinary protein, as well as swelling. If not treated it would pose significant dangersboth for the baby and the mother.

The other condition is gestational diabetes which sets in during pregnancy. This kind of diabetes sorts itself out immediately after delivery. However, if not checked during pregnancy it would pose some dangers. Therefore, mothers to-be should go for a check-up and receive treatment for this kind of condition.

Non-medical conditions that warrant high-risk pregnancies.

Premature labour: this kind of labour sets in way before the normal thirty seven weeks. Although there are no laid down factors that cause preterm labour, some of the factors to consider include: previous preterm labour, small cervix or vaginal infections.

Multiple births: this is a term used to cover women carrying more than one baby. This condition leads to a high-risk pregnancy for it may even lead to diseases such as those discussed above.

Placenta previa: this is a condition where the placenta covers the cervix. This condition can cause bleeding when the mother is experiencing contractions. A caesarean section could help reduce bleeding in such cases.

Treating and preventing high risk pregnancy complications.

Some of the things worth considering during pregnancy include: getting four hundred micrograms of folic acid all through the pregnancy, going for all the needed immunisations, eating healthy and maintaining proper weight as well as avoiding drugs. These are precautionary measures.

However, where prevention was not done well, you might need to visit an obstetrician who will help you make a successful and uneventful delivery. Please do visit your doctor first to determine whether your case can be handled out rightly or referred to an obstetrician.