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Surrogacy Chennai – Surrogate Mothers.

Surrogacy is an ideal method for infertile couples to get a child with genetic linkage to them and is less-arduous than adoption as you only wait nine months. Surrogacy refers to a situation where another woman becomes pregnant to gestate and deliver a baby for infertile couples. Surrogacy has evoked mixed reactions in the society, some religions are against it but others like Jewish and Buddhist has not forbidden it. There are various stages that you should undertake before becoming a surrogacy; it involves screening and weighing options. Surrogate mothers undergo screening, are young, physically fit and with a good personality.

Surrogacy is an appropriate process if spouses cannot conceive naturally. Laws pertaining to surrogacy vary in many jurisdictions. However, surrogate mothers are hired by desiring couple assisted by a medical practitioner. There are various risks attributable to the method, including controversies and numerous legal intricacies. In some cases, surrogate mothers may reluctantly part with the baby. Further, if there are medical complications in the course of pregnancy, these costs shift to the commissioning spouses. If the services are sought abroad where it may be considered affordable may be an onerous task.

Two most common types of Surrogacy.

Traditional Surrogacy or Straight Surrogacy is where fertilization of the surrogate mother’s ovaries comes from the commissioning father. This may be done through in vitro fertilization in a health care center or DIY using an insemination accessory kit at home.

Gestation Surrogacy or Full Surrogacy is where the embryo is implanted is made from the commissioning mother’s ovaries and fused with intended father’s or donor sperm.

How to find a reliable Surrogate Mother.

Surrogate arrangements can be undertaken under the auspices of a clinic or agencies. There are various organizations that are involved in dissemination of information, connecting desiring couples with potential surrogate mothers and educating couples on the laws governing the subject. Surrogate mothers require a payment, sometimes insurance for contingencies like death but it can be done under private arrangement bearing in mind the relevant laws.

Advantages of seeking a surrogate mother.

For couples where a woman cannot conceive or gestate a healthy child, surrogacy is the best method that can give them a baby who has their genetic links. This is less expensive, time consuming and less emotive compared to adoption and other forms of IVF. Adoption and other IVF may not be a choice for couples who have failed to meet medical conditions and age requirements. It also allows the couple the experience to rear their child from birth to cement intimate relations with the child.


Risks involved in taking the surrogacy option.

There are potential complications attributable to surrogacy and pregnancies achieved this way. Additionally, intended parents as well as the surrogate mother may face emotional and psychiatric problems in the course of surrogacy or during the post-natal period. In other cases, the surrogate mother may face challenges handling the baby and parting with the child may aggravate distress.

If you are seeking surrogacy for infertility treatment, you should seek the intervention of a professional doctor who deals with IVF. A good clinic has links with organizations and databases on surrogate parenthood in your home area.