IUI Chennai – Intra Uterine Insemination treatment India

IUI Chennai – Intra Uterine Insemination.

Intrauterine insemination is an assisted conception method where a doctor places quality sperms into the womb strategically to fuse with the egg during ovulation. The procedure may require supplementation from fertility drugs to heighten the chances of pregnancies. For IUI to succeed, the recipient’s fallopian tubes should be unblocked and healthy. The doctor ascertains this through a tube patency test, through laparoscopy or X-Ray. In case your fallopian tubes have adhesive substances or scars, IUI is not recommendable as the egg is hindered from moving to the uterus.

Candidates most appropriate for this kind of treatment.

IUI is apt if a spouse experiences low sperm quantity or low motility. This is where the sperms cannot move properly, however, he must have quality ones for the treatment to be viable. Otherwise, your doctor will proffer IVFs, ICSI or other alternatives. You are not comfortable during sexual intercourse owing to injuries, disability or erectile dysfunction of the other spouse. It is also recommended where a woman is suffering from endometriosis or where the other spouses’ infertility issues are latent.

Factors to be put into consideration before IUI is administered.

Insemination is simple and takes a very short time. However, where you may have undergone a stimulated menstrual cycle, fertility drugs are essential. To be successful under this method, there are factors to weigh, including the nature of infertility as well as age. The imponderables increase proportionally with a woman’s age; the more youthful you are the higher the chances of success. In fact, women above 40 are less likely to conceive while those under 35 have a 16% chance of having a pregnancy.

Your doctor may recommend various cycles to solve infertility, mild endometriosis or where your spouse has low sperm quantity. If you try six times without success, you physician may recommend other methods altogether. However, multiple IUI trials have been shown to increase the probabilities of success in many cohorts who have undergone through this treatment.

Downsides attributable to Intra Uterine Insemination.

Despite the benefits associated with IUI for restoring or improving a pregnancy, there are various shortcomings that suffice. There is need for insemination to coincide with a time when your spouse produces quality sperms by discharging semen when the healthcare requires. It is also a discomfort as it may be hard to put in the catheter while the process may entail cramps like period pains. If there is stimulation of cycle, there is the risk of developing hyperstimulation syndrome or OHSS. This occurs if the ovaries overproduce eggs during ovulation as to risk multiple pregnancies. Equally, ovaries may swell gradually beyond their normal size and discharge fluid in the tummy causing weight related problems and bloating.

Where, when and how to get the best IUI services.

It is imperative you search medical intervention after insemination if you experience any symptoms like OHSS. Your doctor may recommend prolonged hospital stay; this will see the balancing of ovaries while the process may be abandoned for serious complications. When risks of multiple pregnancies are observable, your doctor may recommend you discontinue IUI. By the same token, you should seek efficient services from a good clinic as to lower the chances of complications and risks that may be linked to poor healthcare packages.





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