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Low AMH is one of the most frustrating terms for an Infertile Couple. Lets have a look at AMH, Normal range, Low AMH issues, reasons for Low AMH and treatments for low AMH.

What is AMH?

AMH is a test which gives us Ovarian Reserve status. Its also used to predict Success of Fertility treatments.

What is the normal AMH range ?

Good:                 > 4.0 ng/ml

Satisfactory:  2-4 ng/ml

Low:                   1-2 ng/ml

Very Low:       < 1 ng/ml

What does High AMH mean ?

High AMH is seen in women with PCOS or with very good ovarian reserve. They are at a higher risk for Ovarian Hyper stimulation (OHSS) during IVF. Gentle stimulation with Antagonist cycle is preferred for women with high AMH.

What are the reasons for Low AMH ?

  • Any surgery on the ovary like cyst removal, endometriosis (chocolate cyst) removal can reduce the AMH due to the damage to the follicles in the ovary.
  • AMH level reduces with age.
  • Autoimmune conditions can reduce AMH.
  • Unexplained low AMH in some women.

Symptoms of Low AMH ?

  • Cycles become shorter and more frequent.
  • Reduction of flow of periods.

Can AMH be Increased ?

At present there is no successful treatment to increase the ovarian reserve.

What are the treatments for low AMH ?

  • DHEA supplementation has been tried without much success.
  • Platelet Rich plasma injection into the ovaries.
  • Ovarian tissue freezing and re-implantation later.

What to do if you have low AMH levels ?

Plan for IVF as early as possible.

What is the success rate of IVF with Low AMH Levels ?

Depends on the age, Number of follicles, sperm factors, etc

Can you improve the success rate of IVF with Low AMH Levels ?

Yes by increasing the embryos transferred.

Newer treatments for Low AMH ?

Stem cell research and Autologous Platelet rich plasma injection have been tried without much success.

Low AMH success stories

There are women who have performed multiple natural cycle IVF or Freeze all cycles to increase the success rate in IVF.

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