Pap Smear Chennai – Cancer Screening

All about Pap Smear –

Pap Smear is the test used for cervical cancer screening. It can detect potential pre-cancerous and cancerous lesions at the mouth of uterus.

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How often should you undergo Pap Smear ?

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Preparation for Pap smear ?

Accuracy of Pap smear

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Pap smear Chennai – Cancer Screening.

Understanding Pap smear cancer screening in a better manner.

Pap Smear Chennai is a screening meant for cervix cancer. The screening is undertaken together with pelvic examination. For women aged below thirty, Pap smear is used in conjunction with an examination for HPV, a sexually transmitted form of infection which may trigger cervical cancer.

Candidates that are eligible for a Pap smear.

To determine if a Pap smear test should start, you should consult with your physician on how many times it will be required. Generally, doctors proffer beginning the test from age 21 subsequently for two or three years. For women above 30, Pap smear testing is recommendable after three years or five where it is pursued with HPV assessment.

In case there are potential risks, your medical consultant may prescribe more-regular Pap smears; at such circumstances age is immaterial. The risk factors relate to cervical cancer diagnosis, susceptibility to diethylstilbestrol prior to birth, HIV infection or weakened immunity owing to organ transplant, chronic corticosteroid use and chemotherapy. You should painstakingly discuss with your physician on the implications of the Pap smear while putting risk factors on the scale.

When should you stop Pap smear testing?

After reviewing your conditions and the effect of Pap smear, there are points when you should abandon the process. At the fore, following a full hysterectomy that entails the removal of the uterine and cervical tissue; your doctor should examine you to determine if Pap smear is needed anymore. To this end, where a hysterectomy is undertaken for conditions not related to cancer like fibroids, it may be apt to abandon the routine. On the other hand, in case the surgical procedure was meant for cancer related ailments, the Pap smear tests may be ineluctable and your doctor will indicate this.

Advancing in age may also point towards the abandonment of Pap smear testing where the chances of cervical cancer are minimal. From the evidence available, authentic sources suggest that women above the age of 65 may jettison Pap smears if they have consecutively tested negative for cervix cancer for a few years. However, medical experts have cautioned that this is not a truism, thus every patient should have a bespoken assessment before ceasing tests with a qualified medical practitioner.

You should evaluate options with the help of your medical practitioner to decide whether to continue Pap smears depending on risk factors. For those women who are sexually active and have many partners, the doctor may for instance recommend Pap smear testing continuance.

The importance of Pap smear screenings.

Pap smear tests are recommendable for screening the cervix to detect cancerous cells. The procedure is used to spot probable pre-cancerous tissue and cancer lesions at the lining of the uterus. It has widely been proffered by many physicians for women who are over 21 years and should be followed for at least three to five years. The testing is not painful, however, where this may be the case anesthetic options are recommended. You should consult rigorously with your doctor as to undertake appropriate preparatory routines; this increases accuracy of the process. The doctor may also advise on other methods of cervical cancer screening that may be used in case Pap smears are ineffective.




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