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PGD PGS Treatments –  To improve IVF Success and Prevent Genetic Diseases

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What is PGS ?

PGS stands for Pre-implantation Genetic Screening. PGS is used to screen the embryos for chromosomal problems particularly the structural problems. Routinely performed in many centers to improve the IVF Success

Why is PGS performed ?

PGS is used when a parent has a

  • Chromosomal abnormality
  • Reciprocal balanced translocations
  • Recurrent Miscarriages
  • Recurrent IVF failures
  • Age > 39 years – to rule out aneuploidies (addition or deletion of chromosomes)

What are the steps of doing a PGS Cycle ?

  • Parental karyotyping – blood
  • IVF cycle
  • Day 5 embryos (Blastocyst culture)
  • Embryo biopsy (Removing few trophectoderm cells from embryo) – using laser, biopsy medium, pipette.
  • Embryo freezing
  • Genetic testing of embryo biopsy sample
  • Transfer normal embryos

What is the cost of PGS cycle ?

The cost of PGS cycle is affordable with Dr.Arun Muthuvel and costs Rs.50,000. You need to spend for IVF cycle apart from the PGS genetic testing costs.

What is PGD ?

PGD stands for Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis. This technology enables us to check the embryo for genetic diseases before placing it into the uterus.

Why is PGD performed ?

PGD is performed to rule out genetic disorders in the embryo. This is useful if a parent or both parents are carriers of genetic disease. Instead of checking the foetus for the genetic disease after you become pregnant, PGD enables us to transfer only normal embryos which don’t have the genetic disease into the uterus. There is a possibility to avoid a highly stressful Amniocentesis procedure or CVS.

What are the steps of doing a PGD Cycle ?

  • Pre-PGD Workup – Both parents should provide their blood samples for genetic workup to find out the exact mutation or protocol development for PGD.
  • Once Protocol development is completed, IVF cycle is initiated.
  • Day 5 Embryo culture (Blastocyst)
  • Embryo biopsy
  • Freeze the embryo
  • Genetic testing of embryo biopsy sample
  • Transfer normal embryos
  • Genetic testing during pregnancy on the advice of genetic specialist

What are this costs involved in a PGD Cycle ?
  • Pre-PGD workup cost – to the genetic lab
  • IVF cycle
  • PGD testing on embryos
Some of the conditions which can be tested in the embryos ?
46 XY, t(1;15) (q21;q11.2) 46 XY,+8,t(8;21)(q22;q22),der(18)t(1;18)(q25;q21) 46 XX, t(4;9)(q31.3;p21) 46,XX,t(4;14)(q26;q21) 46,XX,t(5;11)(p13;q25) 46,XX,t(6;11)(q21.1;q22)  46,XX,t(8;11)(p23.3;p15.2) 46,XY,t(5;18)(q15;q21)  46,XY,t(9;13)(p13;q21.2)  46,XX,t(4;9)(q31.3;p21) 46,XX,t(4;10)(q27;q24) 46 XX t(4;13)(q31.3;31.2) 46,XX,t(4;13)(q31.3;q13) 46,XX,t(4;14)(q24.1;p11.2) 46,XX,t(4;14)(q26;q21) 46,XX,t(4;14)(q33;q34) 46,XX,t(4;16)(p14;p12) 46,XX,t(4;16)(p16;q23) 46,XX,t(4;17) 46,XX,t(4;18)(p14;p13) 46,XX,t(4;18)(q10;q10) 46,XX,t(4;19)(p16;p13.3) 46,XX,t(5;7)(p15.2;p22) 46,XX,t(5;11)(p13;q25) 46,XX,t(5;11)(p13.1;q23.3) 46,XX,t(5;11)(q31;q23) 46,XX,t(5;11)(q35.2;p15.1) 46,XX,t(5;18)(p13;q23) 46,XX,t(6q;8q) 46,XX,t(6;11)(q21.1;q22) 46,XX,t(6;11)(q25;p13) 46,XX,t(6;12)(p24;q13.2) 46,XX,t(6;13)(p25;q22) 46,XX,t(6;22)(q25;q11) 46,XX,t(7;8)(q33;p12) 46,XX,t(7;10)(q21;p13) 46,XX,t(7;11)(p21;q11) 46,XX,t(7;11)(p22;q25) 46,XX,t(7;15)(p14;q11.2) 46,XX,t(7;15)(q36;q13) 46,XX,t(7;16)(q21.2;q23) 46,XX,t(7;16)(q22.1;q23.2) 46,XX,t(7;17)(q32;q21.3) 46,XX,t(7;18)(q36;q12.1) 46,XX,t(8;9)(p23;p12) 46,XX,t(8;9)(p23.2;p22) 46,XX,t(8;11)(p23.3;p15.2) 46,XX,t(8;12)(q11.2;q12) 46,XX,t(8;15)(q24.1;q26.3) 46,XX,t(8;15)(q24.1;q26.3) 46,XX,t(8;16)(p23.1;p13.11) 46,XX,t(8;16)(q24.22;p13.3) 46,XX,t(8;21)(q21.1;q22.3) 46,XX,t(9;10)(q33;p12.3) 46,XX,t(9;11)(q22.2;q22.3) 46,XX,t(9;12) 46,XX,t(9;18)(p22;q22) 46,XX,t(9;22)(q32;q13) 46,XX,t(10;11)(p14;q13) 46,XX,t(10;13)(q26.3;q21.2) 46,XX,t(10;15)(q23;q15) 46,XX,t(10;18)  45,X 45,X,inv(15) 45,X/46,X,del(X)(p11.4) 45,X/46,XX 45,X/47,XXX/45,XX 45,XX,der(13;14)(q10;q10) 45,XX,der(13;21)(q10;q10) 45,XX,der(14;15)(q10;q10) 45,XX,der(14;21)(q10;q10) 45,XX,der(14;22)(q10;q10) 45,XX,der(15;21)(q10;q10) 45,XX,der(21:22)(q10;q10) 46,X,del(X)(p22.3),t(2;18)(q14.1;q21)[48]/45,X,t(2;18)(q14.1;q21)[12] 46,X,der(X)t(X;Y)(p11.2;q11.2) 46,X,t(X;4)(q26;p16.1) 46,XX,del(22)(q11.2q11.2) 46,XX,ins(11;1)(q21;q42q44) 46,XX,inv(1)(p36.1q32.1) 46,XX,inv(5)(p12q13.2) 46,XX,inv(5)(p15.2q32) 46,XX,inv(9)(p11q13) 46,XX,inv(9)(q32q34.3) 46,XX,inv(12)(p13q11) 46,XX,inv(18)(p12q22) 46,XX,t(1;3)(p36.1;q25.3) 46,XX,t(1;3)(q11;q11) 46,XX,t(1;5)(q23;p13) 46,XX,t(1;6)(p35;p23) 46,XX,t(1;7)(q42.1;p13) 46,XX,t(1;9)(p22;q33.2) 46,XX,t(1;9)(p36.22;q34.3) 46,XX,t(1;9)(q12;q12) 46,XX,t(1;10)(q23;q24) 46,XX,t(1;11)(q25;q21) 46,XX,t(1;12)(q21.2;p11.2) 46,XX,t(1;12)(q42.13;q13.13) 46,XX,t(1;13)(p22;q22) 46,XX,t(1;13)(q21;q34) 46,XX,t(1;13)(q42.1;q22) 46,XX,t(1;14)(q32.3;q24.1) 46,XX,t(1;15) (p36.1;q22.3) 46,XX,t(1;16) 46,XX,t(1;17)(p36.1;q21.31) 46,XX,t(1;17)(p36.3;p11.1) 46,XX,t(1;18)(p36;p11.2) 46,XX,t(1;20)(p36.1;q13.3) 46,XX,t(2;3)(p13;q27) 46,XX,t(2;3)(q12;q25) 46,XX,t(2;5)(p22;p15.3) 46,XX,t(2;6)(p13;p23)/46,XX 46,XX,t(2;7)(p13;q11) 46,XX,t(2p;7p) 46,XX,t(2;9)(q13;p24)