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Why You Should Consult Medical Experts during Pregnancy

Why Consult Maternity Doctor 

It is of utmost importance that you consult Maternity Doctor Chennai who is a pregnancy and delivery expert in order to get better prenatal care. In the first place, if you suspect that you are pregnant you are advised to visit medical experts to determine the case. Of course, if you have regular period you can miss one and know that you might be pregnant but this is not a guarantee. You can also do some test on yourself to ascertain whether you are pregnant, but these are not always very accurate maybe 75% accurate. The only way you can prove that your are pregnant beyond reasonable doubt is visit the office of a qualified medical doctor with years of experience. In many if not all cases, the test done are usually accurate and proves beyond reasonable doubt whether you are pregnant or not.

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Benefits and Question asked

There are numerous benefits associated with making routine visits to medical doctors who are knowledgeable and well equipped to handle cases that concern pregnant women. At first, the doctor will ask you about the different aspects of your life and then schedule appointments with you. In many cases, you will be scheduled to meet your doctor at least once per month during the first few weeks (4-28 weeks). In subsequent months (28-36) you will be allowed to visit your doctor at least two times in a month. This is quite important because now the pregnancy will be growing and needs to be monitored closely. It is recommended that you take weekly visit after week 36 in order to ensure that your pregnancy is not put to risk now that you are almost delivering. Importantly, follow the doctor’s instruction to the letter because tests done during these period are meant to protect your pregnancy


There are several prenatal test that are done in order to ensure that your pregnancy is safe and in case of anything you are treated in good time. In the first few weeks, doctors will take time to do some tests including test on your blood group, whether you have any infections, the level of immunity, and diseases. Some of the disease that are checked include; HIV, gestational diabetes, and Down syndrome. These are important because they determine how the pregnancy will be handled before the child is delivered. The common tests that Maternity Doctor Chennai will undertake include; Amniocentesis, Biophysical Profile, trimester screen, chorionic villus, ultra sound exam, non-stress test, and others that fall in the same range. Remember, these test are undertaken for specific purpose and also come at different stages of the pregnancy.

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 Keep all appointments with the doctor

It is very important that you visit your doctor on scheduled appointments and not to miss any single date in order to avoid complications during pregnancy. In fact, in case of high risk pregnancy the doctor can always have the best opportunity of attending to any issues in good time. Also, the doctor will be well placed to advice you on the dos and don’ts during this particular time. You must ensure that you do not miss any appointments with with a pregnancy and delivery expert to avoid any complication during pregnancy period and after delivery.

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