Endometriosis – Chocolate cyst Ovary Surgery Treatment Chennai

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Endometriosis – Chocolate cyst Ovary Surgery Treatment Chennai. 

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Facts on Endometriosis

Endometriosis is a serious condition that causes infertility and pelvic pains in women at the height of their reproductive years. It suffices when uterine lining tissues embeds to organs within the pelvis and develops. The tissue that is displaced leads to irritation in the pelvic tissues that may cause pain or infertility, sometimes both. The condition disrupts quality life and may unleash emotional distress. Infertility or pain in the pelvis requires consideration of the woman’s age, the period since the onset of the condition and phase of endometriosis before recommending treatment. To this end, you should hire a qualified surgeon who is acquainted with current treatment techniques.

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Symptoms that characterize Endometriosis

Patients experiencing Menstrual Cramps up to severe levels.

Though mild menstrual related cramps are normal, severity which is referred to as dysmenorrhea which is a symptom of endometriosis should be assessed meticulously. Serious cramping leads to nausea, diarrhea and vomiting. Dysmenorrhea that occurs after youth can be a sign of endometriosis.

Intensive pains when having sexual intercourse.

Endometriosis may cause pain following intercourse or during the process. Deep penetration may elicit pain in ovaries layered with scar tissue on the upper vaginal part. Pain may also be due to bumping onto a tender nodule of the uterine lining behind it or uterosacral ligaments that join the cervix with the sacrum.

Infertility as a result of severe endometriosis levels.

There is a nexus between infertility in women and endometriosis. However, not all women with endometriosis have been diagnosed to be infertile. Severe endometriosis diminishes fertility as the presence of significant pelvic adhesions militates against the secretion of eggs, prevents sperms from entering the fallopian tube and affects the tubing lining ability to take ovaries during ovulation.

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Point to take into consideration regarding diagnostic Approaches.

Endometriosis is not diagnosable through symptoms appraisal alone. Nevertheless, if you have infertility problems, dire menstrual cramps, intercourse pains and chronic pelvic pain, it may point towards the presence of the condition. Genetic factors are also weighed, but the most common approaches include:

Pelvic Assessment: Diagnosis of the pelvis may intimate endometriosis. The surgeon may locate a tender nodule that occurs behind the cervical wall, of if the uterus is tilted. The ovaries may also enlarge or fixed in place, implants embedded along vaginal and cervical lining may indicate the presence of endometriosis.

Laparoscopy: Laparoscopy utilizes an infinitesimal camera to observe the lining of the uterus, ovaries, pelvis fallopian tubes and adjoining organs to detect endometriosis. The nature of endometriosis is analyzed during a laparoscopy. The surgeon uses clinical staging to illustrate the level of the endometriosis, cysts in the ovaries and adhesions. At times, endometriosis treatment may be needed during laparoscopy. The condition may be excised, coagulated, denatured, vaporized and ovarian cysts eliminated.

Other means of diagnosing various levels of endometriosis.

In other scenarios, your surgeon may resort to imaging procedures like ultrasound, magnetic resonance imaging and computerized tomography to capture more information on pelvic organs. The procedures detect ovarian cysts and aid in characterizing the fluid in a cyst, however, the endometriosis sore and usual corpus luteum swelling may bear similar appearance. The aforesaid tests are handy when assessing a woman’s infertility extent and pain related to the pelvic organs.

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