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This page on IVF Treatment in Chennai is for citizens of Chennai who are keen on doing IVF Treatment at Iswarya IVF Centers in Chennai. This particular page on IVF is written by me personally and not by a professional writer.

About Chennai's Best IVF Specialist Dr Arun Muthuvel.

After MBBS Dr Arun opted for the IVF & embryology course in 2009, following which he entered MS - Obstetrics & Gynaecology and then went on to complete india's 1st MCh degree exclusively for IVF (Reproductive Medicine). Dr Arun Muthuvel MBBS, MS, MCh - (Reproductive Medicine & Surgery) is performing IVF Treatments in Chennai since 2009. I will be covering the subject of IVF Treatment from the view of a Fertility Doctor or an IVF specialist as well a couple who is undergoing IVF / ICSI Treatments. I would be pleased to incorporate a couple’s point of view as well. Do feel free to email once you finish reading the page.

How i started doing IVF in Chennai?

My parents were the biggest motivation for me to enter IVF clinical practise. I initially started doing Andrology and IVF Lab embryology part under the training of Iswarya Fertility Centre Chennai and its staffs. I even had to offer IVF Procedures to my patients for free just to convince them that im capable.

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