IVF Treatment Chennai India – Cost of IVF, Procedure Step by Step

IVF Chennai, India – Treatments, coats and Steps of procedure

IVF refers to fertilization, that is fusion between ovaries and sperm that occurs in the lab culture dish. IVF treatment Chennai is ideal for many patients, including, those whose fallopian tubes are damaged, problems associated with sperms, where other surgical and medical methods have not yielded a pregnancy and where the cause of infertility is unfathomable. IVF is undertaken following various steps, from administering fertility drugs to heighten egg synthesis to repeated cycles. If you want to know the cost of IVF in india, please contact Dr. Arun Muthuvel

Fertility Drugs responsible for increment of mature eggs released.

These are prescribed as to encourage ovaries to manufacture viable eggs ready for fertilization. In a normal menstrual cycle, a single egg is released, thus you will need fertility dosage as to increase the number of mature eggs. You may need to take GnRH (gonadotrophin releasing hormone) hold back a cycle. There are other methods that may be used to control a menstrual cycle, your physician should explore and recommend them accordingly. For instance, where a patient has endometriosis, GnRH agonist Cetrotide boosts the quality of eggs and increases chances of success.

Hormone injections that stimulate egg production naturally.

Subsequently, hormonal injections are administered for a period of twelve days. They are used to stimulate ovaries to secrete more eggs through ovulation induction. The two hormones used are gonadotrophins follicle stimulating and lutenising hormones. Women’s sensitivity to fertility medications vary, some side-effects may be dire. You should keep in touch with your doctor to forestall the side effects. Ultrasound scanning and hormonal assessment intimates the development of the eggs.

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The process of retrieving the egg and collecting sperm.

Ultrasound is undertaken to determine if the eggs can be recovered. The eggs are retrieved from the ovaries; painkillers may be needed if pain is persistent. Your partner should supply fresh semen or it can be obtained from a freezer depending on your choice. The most-potent sperm is paired to the eggs in a lab dish where the zygote cultures in an incubator. India is known hub for IVF treatments as the cost of IVF in india is very low compared to other countries.

Step by step process of fertilization and transfer of Embryo.

  • After one day of mating the eggs and sperm, in case any ovaries are fertilized, they are preserved for a few days and transferred back to the uterus. Fertilized eggs form an embryo; the healthiest are selected and inserted into your womb. Some healthcare centers undertake comprehensive chromosome screening, here only those embryos with complete set of chromosomes can be implanted. This process also heightens the chances of conception and curbs the occurrence of a miscarriage
  • In case there are additional embryos, they can be preserved for the future. Embryos can alternatively be transferred after developing to a blastocyst as only the healthiest sail through to this phase. However, blastocyst transfer is only recommended where previous IVFs have failed, you are below forty and want to choose eSET.

If the cycle is successful, a single or more embryos embed onto the uterine lining and will develop. You can undergo a pregnancy test after two weeks. If a pregnancy is confirmed after IVF, a timely ultrasound scanning should be pursued after six weeks. This shows if the embryo is implanted on the uterus.

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