PCOS Treatment Chennai – Polycystic Ovarian Disease / Syndrome (PCOD)

PCOS Treatment Chennai – Polycystic Ovarian Disease / Syndrome (PCOD).

What is PCOD ?

What causes PCOS ?

What are the tests to diagnose PCOD ?

Treatment of PCOD ?

Future Implications of PCOD

PCOD & Infertility

Understanding PCOS/PCOD as a defect affecting women’s reproductive systems.

Defects that affect the reproductive system of women may be severe as to be almost irreversibly when they occur. There are many conditions that physicians have identified as a threat to the organs of the reproductive system that may be meliorated if diagnosed earlier and a patient adopts the right approaches. Polycystic ovary syndrome or PCOD can be contained through regular exercises, eschewing sedentary lifestyles like smoking, weight management and a balanced diet. For the treatment of polycystic ovary syndrome, prior examination by a qualified specialist is essential, symptoms and planned pregnancy determines the efficacy of different treatment techniques.


A clear-cut explanation on the cure of polycystic ovarian syndrome.

At this point, there is no known cure for polycystic ovary syndrome; however, it can be controlled to forestall major repercussions like cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, uterine cancer and infertility. At the fore, if you have PCOD and overweight, you need to embark on a pound shedding plan. A negligible amount of losing weight aids in hormonal balance and prepares your body for menstrual cycle and eventually ovulation. Similarly, you will need to take a balanced diet including nutritious substrates like veggies, fruits, whole grains and avoid processed foods. Engage in regular workouts to enable you curb weight and rejuvenate the body. In case you smoke, quitting is the only option as tobacco heightens androgens level.

Hormone therapy introduction as a form of medication for various conditions.

If you are seeking polycystic ovary syndrome treatment Chennai, a qualified specialist can give you hormone therapy. In case you have embarked on proper lifestyle without ovulation, your surgeon may recommend various dosages like metformin and clomiphene, these can ignite ovulation. In case you are contemplating pregnancy, hormonal therapy enables you to regulate ovarian hormones. To keep menstrual cycle problems at bay, you may want to use birth control hormones to curb the endometrial lining from inordinately building up. This also curbs against cancerous development in the uterus.

Your physician may also recommend hormonal therapy to assist with acne or male-type hair-sprout. Birth control medicine, vaginal rings and patches are recommended in this therapy. Androgen controlling spironolactone is normally paired with hormone birth control. This is appropriate where there is hair loss, male-type facial and body hair, and acne. Nevertheless, there are other methods that can be adopted to treat acne and get rid of excess hair. Hormones are also not a cure for cardiovascular diseases, blood pressure, diabetic problems and cholesterol accumulation. There are other advanced treatment techniques that your physician can explore for you to reinvigorate ovulation.

Regular checkups for detection of polycystic ovary syndrome at early stages.

It is also essential you undergo regular checkups to detect polycystic ovary syndrome at the earliest stages. Like other ailments, regular diagnosis is imperative to detect PCOS complications like high blood pressure, cancer, cardiovascular illness and diabetes. If you are seeking a physician to diagnose or recommend treatment for polycystic ovary syndrome Chennai, you should ensure you hire a licensed and specializing medical practitioner. Surreptitiously go through medical associations and online resources to pinpoint quality clinics that keep in pace with modern technology and competent in surgeries. The extent of the condition may require highly trained surgeons, thus you should ensure you hire an appropriate physician for polycystic ovary syndrome treatment recommendations.


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