Varicocele treatment Chennai

Varicocele treatment Chennai

Understanding varicoceles.

Varicoceles are basically abnormal dilations of pampiniform plexus of veins found in the scrotum. For better understanding, they are similar to the varicose veins of the leg. They form during the age of puberty and can extend in growth over time. The left-sided varicoceles are more common as compared the right-sided version of the same. Statistics further show that 10-15 percent of the boys have a varicocele and several of this will experience testicular growth retardation at puberty. When it comes to diagnosis, you can examine them yourself. The generally feel like a baggage of worms in the scrotum. As for physicians they use the valsava manoeuvre which involves the patient standing in an upright position and holding breath while the scrotum is examined on the upper part for any abnormal enlargements. Since we now know how they are diagnosed, let us move straight to treatment.

Treating varicoceles Chennai.

Before we advance any further, it is important to take note that no universally accepted methods are available for both treatment and prevention of varicoceles. Nonetheless, administering analgesic agents may alleviate any related pains. Below are two major tactics used in treating varicoceles.

Surgical repair.

Several laid down procedures are carried out in this method. One thing however, all of these methods involve obstructing of the spermatic veins hence interrupting blood flow in the vessels around the pampiniform plexus. When it comes to surgery, a one inch incision is made with or without the use of optical magnification. Open surgery procedures are conducted under anaesthesia. On the other hand laparoscopic procedures do not necessarily need any anaesthesia for they are smaller incisions that highly avoid muscle transection.

Percutaneous embolization.

Radiologists perform this procedure with the help of a special tube usually inserted into a vein either in the neck or groin. Radiographic view of the enlarged veins helps determine where balloons will be released to cause a blockage on the veins. The obstruction further ceases blood flow to the pampiniform plexus vessels leading to disappearance of varicoceles in the long run. Though widely favoured, this method risks varicocele recurrence, coil migration as well as other related complications.

Expectations after treatment.

Recovery is quite speedy so long as you keep off strenuous activities for periods ranging from ten to fourteen days. Other small tasks such as office work cause little or no harm. Pain is usually mild but a follow-up is recommended to ensure everything is going on as per schedule. Later in the days, a semen analysis should be conducted to rectify any infertility issues. Finally, studies conducted have no clear dissertation on the expected changes after varicocele treatment. You therefore expect a wide range of outcomes. Semen quality has been indicated to improve in some studies while in other no considerable change has been noted. Nonetheless, in teenagers where varicoceles are predominant, up to 90 percent of the affected have been seen to recover quite well after the treatment procedures discussed above are administered. Therefore, it would only be fair to state that the treatment procedures in the market are quite effective.