Urinary incontinence Treatment Surgery Chennai

Urinary incontinence surgery Chennai.

Brief introduction on urinary incontinence surgery.

Where other treatments for urinary incontinence fail, surgery is recommended. However, it is important that you consult exhaustively to determine if this is the best option for you. This especially applies to women who wish to have children in the future. This kind of surgery could affect that kind of aspiration. To avoid complications during childbirth it would be best that you wait until you have had children to your satisfaction. All said, here is a comprehensive summary of the various procedures involved in urinary incontinence surgery.

Procedures undertaken for urinary incontinence.

Tape procedures: this is for women experiencing urethral stress incontinence. It basically involves making an incision on the inside of the vagina and threaded on the back of the urethra. The central part of the tape supports the urethra while the other two ends are attached either on top of the inner thigh or on the abdomen. By holding the urethra up in the correct position, the piece of tape considerably helps reduce the leaking of urine related to stress incontinence.

Colposuspension procedure of rectifying urinary incontinence.

This kind of procedure involves making an incision on the lower abdomen lifting up the neck of the bladder. The ladder is then stitched up in this position. Colposuspension helps avoid bladder leaks. You might want to hear about the various types of colposuspensions available. They are only two with the first being an open one where a large incision is made. The second, involves making one or more incisions where special surgical instruments go through.

Sling procedures of correcting urinary incontinence.

Here slits are made on the lower abdomen as well as the vagina. The reason behind this slits is passing in a sling to be placed around the neck of the bladder. Support achieved on the bladder helps circumvent any leaks. Slings can either be made from synthetic material, tissue taken from the part of the body, tissue donated by another person or tissues taken from an animal.

Urethral bulking agents as a way of correcting urinary incontinence.

This is a substance that is injected into the walls of the vagina. As far as it increases the size of the urethra walls, it helps keep the urethral opening shut with more force. If you want to avoid numerous incisions, this is definitely the way to go about it. It is however less effective compared to the rest of the methods.

Artificial urinary sphincter method of remedying urinary incontinence.

The method indicated involves a ring of muscle that keeps the bladder shut to avoid urine flowing into the urethra. It is rarely used in women for it is more prevalent in men. The sphincter consist of three major components namely: a circular cuff placed around the urethra, a small pump placed in the scrotum and a small fluid-filled reservoir in the abdomen. This method is also less painful but it might cause a little bleeding a burning sensation every time you pass urine. In case the device stops working, you might be forced to undergo surgery to remove it.

Having read through the various means available it is upon you to decide which one best works for you. Of course, with the sound advice from your doctor.