Women’s Cancer Prevention – Chennai

Women’s Cancer Prevention – Chennai

Women’s Cancer

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Women’s Cancer Prevention – Chennai

Cancer is among the most furtive killer diseases that has wreaked havoc in the medical sphere for decades. Most cancerous tumors are benign, however, some are not and are not easy to detect in earlier stages of development. Doctors proffer regular examination or diagnostic approaches as to facilitate earlier detections and implementation of lifesaver measures. Women are affected by cancers that mostly affect their reproductive system organs; the most common cancers include cervical, ovarian, breast and endometrial or uterine cancer. A cursory glance at the conditions would shed light on appropriate treatment methods.

Ovarian Cancer

Ovarian cancer occurs in the ovary’s peripheral cells. There is no examination method that has been agreed by medical health experts to screen a patient when symptoms are surreptitious. However, your doctor will recommend a yearly pelvic or rectum examination and Pap smear test. The symptoms of the cancer include irregular pain, pelvis fatigue, lumbar discomfort, lack of appetite and constipation. Uterine bleeding is another symptom, in its advanced stages, there is blockage of the alimentary canal, severe nausea, weight decline and pain.

Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is among the most severe and has no cure but doctors can remove tumor to diminish the spread of affected cells. A lumpectomy may be needed to get rid of the tumor as well as peripheral tissue covering the breast without eliminating the whole breast. In other cases, a partial mastectomy may be required. Full mastectomy is done to get rid of the affected breast cells. Regular screening to detect the cancerous cells at nascent development phases is highly recommendable and is done through annual pelvic examination, pelvic ultrasound, breast examination, mammograms or coloposcopy.

Cervical cancer

Cervical cancer affects the uterine opening and adjoining cells while it may be related to other cancerous tumors affecting the reproductive system. Like other cancers, it spreads furtively and may only be detectable when symptoms materialize which worsens the condition. You should undertake regular prevention services to forestall against the malignancy of the cancerous cells by undergoing through Pap smear, pelvic ultrasound, coloposcopy, and cervical cancer screening.

Uterine Cancer

Cancer may develop on the uterine lining and later spread to adjoining cells and tissue. To undertake examination for uterus cancer, you should consider regular screening under the guidance of a qualified and licensed medical practitioner. In many cases, your doctor will recommend examination and evaluation through pelvic ultrasound, Pap smear and uterine cancer screening. Uterine cancer may also be related to cervical cancer, your healthcare provider will be able to identify the dichotomy. Treatment methods for these cancerous conditions involve surgical operation, chemotherapy, radiation or other forms of medication.

Women Cancer Preventive Measures

Due to the complexity of cancerous ailments, it is always good to have different physicians like radiologists, pathologists, oncologists and surgeon experts who you can consult with anytime to get diagnostic and curative assistance. Most people can extend their lives if the cancer is detected before blooming by adopting lifesaver techniques. In some cases, surgery can remove affected cells and prevent further spread of the disease before it’s too late.