Dr Arun Muthuvel - IVF Super Specialist Doctor Chennai

DR Arun with PGD IVF Baby

Top IVF Specialist Doctor in Chennai, India.

Dr Arun Muthuvel has been rated as Best IVF Doctor in Chennai, Performed highest number of IVF Treatment Cycles in Chennai at most affordable IVF costs. Presented numerous IVF Papers in conferences. Interested in Research in IVF Treatment cycles to improve the IVF Success rates. ICSI, IMSI, PGD are some of the treatments performed by Dr Arun

MBBS, MS, MCh - Reproductive Medicine & Surgery

  • 1st few in India to have completed M.Ch (Reproductive Medicine and Surgery) degree which is the only recognised Super Speciality degree in Infertility by Medical Council of India.

  • India's only Fertility Super Specialist with highest Embryology experience.

  • Ranked among Top IVF Specialists in India.

  • The Only Doctor from India to have made Oral presentation in Americal Society of Reproductive Medicine Conference held at Salt Lake city, USA.

  • 1st in the world to carry out Research in Aqueous Route of Progesterone for Frozen Embryo Transfer cycles.

  • Performed the highest number of PGD cycles in India.

  • Received Radiocity Chennai city Icon award 2018.

  • Received Young Achievers Award at Times Health Awards 2018.

5000+ IVF babies delivered

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International Trainings

  • Advanced IVF @ Boston IVF (Harvard University, USA)

  • Natural Cycle IVF at Michigan IVF, USA

  • Andrology, Micro TESE for Azoospermia at Univeristy of Miami, USA

  • PGD IVF & Embryo Biopsy from Cleveland Clinic, USA

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