Storing Embryos in your Bedroom. FUTURE OF IVF

Author: Dr Arun Muthuvel MBBS, MS, MCh  - Reproductive Medicine & Surgery

IVF Specialist at Iswarya Fertility Centre, Chennai, India

Future of IVF is about to undergo a superb change. 

Im sure you know what is an embryo. Embryo is nothing but a young baby formed out of Egg and Sperm. The embryos are currently stored at -196 degree in a Liquid Nitrogen can. Due to this technical difficulty Embryos have to be stored in an IVF Clinic. Transporting embryos to a different place is a challenge too.

Latest research has shown that embryos can be stored in room temperature with the help of a sugar molecule called TREHALOSE. With this technological advancement Embryos can be stored by the couple at their bedroom or place suitable for them. Embryos can be carried to any part of the country and transferred at any clinic. This is going to change the way things are currently.

Great times for couples.